Tightening or Adjusting Grillz

So you are having fitting issues with your order, right? We apologize since we know you might have been excited to receive your grillz and just simply put them on with no issues.

Sometimes this happens since your order is custom made to fit your teeth. We would like to suggest some adjustment steps that may fix any slight fitting issues.

We always aim to get your exact molds before manufacturing a grill order (hence why we are so annoying about getting the perfect dental impression), however, there are times slight expansion or contraction of the molds due to heat and humidity cannot be detected with visual inspection.

Luckily, these fitting issues are easily solvable by slightly tweaking the grillz. You will only need some pliers (preferably a pair of bend nose pliers) and a piece of thin cloth and simply adjust according to the following instructions:

You can watch this video or keep reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ0vQETVpRg&feature=shared




Adjust the fang teeth first (if applicable). The other teeth can be adjusted if necessary once fangs start to fit perfectly.



Use the thin cloth to cover the surface of the grillz to avoid scratches where pliers will be touching • Bend the back of the fangs inward if the grill is loose or bend it outward if the grill is too tight.



Make sure that you are not applying too much pressure (scratch marks on gold would indicate that you are applying too much force/pressure). Simply use your judgment.



Try on the grill often while adjusting it so that you know exactly how much the grill needs to be tightened or loosened.



Adjust any other teeth that require adjustment once you have gotten the fangs to fit properly.



You should be able to adjust the grillz perfectly without returning it to us by carefully following the directions provided above.


If you have tried the above steps and the fitting issues persists, then please reach out to us for next steps.

 Please keep in mind that we will have to work backwards to complete the refit. We will have to remove the protective layer and then have our jeweler refit the grill for you. This can take up to 4 weeks.