Please Read Before Your Purchase

Please do not place an order without careful consideration. Your piece will be a custom piece that is fitted to your own teeth and will not be eligible for a refund or cancellation or free changes. Even if you do not like the style that you have designed and we have made for you, we will not be able to cancel, refund or change this style free of charge. 

Any changes that you want done to a finished piece will look something like this.

- You are able to send the custom piece that you do not like back to our jeweler so that they can give you an estimate for scrap value of the custom piece. This will not be the price that you paid for your piece. If you have ordered a piece that is Silver925, we want to let you know that it will hold very little to no value. 

Once you receive your scrap value price, you are able to pay the difference for the new piece that you are designing. 

This is not an expedited process. All pieces are handmade and take days or even weeks at a time. Please be patient!

Once you place your order and we fulfill your impression kit, you are no longer eligible for a refund, cancellation or free of charge changes. This is because of the laborious efforts the EASE team takes to ensure we are doing our best to get your order taken care of.

If you truly want your order cancelled after we ship your impression kit, you will forfeit 50% of your funds to the EASE team.

We do our best to walk you through the process of how to create the perfect dental impression, but mistakes happen. If the dental impression isn't correct, we will suggest doing another one so that we can get a proper fit for your grill. We assure you that we don't ask for new dental impressions for fun. This is to help get the proper fit for your grill. We also suggest ordering more than one dental impression kit to ensure we get a good impression from you.

Low quality metals will tarnish naturally due to body acid, etc and especially when exposed to alcohol or smoke. Please consider this when placing an order. 

All updates are sent via email. If you do not receive an update via email, please check your junk folder. If there isn't an email in there from us, please feel free to check in on the status of your order.


WE HAVE A NO BULLY POLICY. OUR TEAM IS WORKING HARD TO SOLVE ANY ISSUES OR CONCERNS FOR YOU IN THE MOST RESPECTFUL MANNER AND WE WILL NOT TOLERATE BULLYING, HARASSMENT, THREATS, ETC. Please feel free to reach out to us at your most cooperative and communicative state and we will be happy to help!
We have the right to refuse service to anyone.