How To Care For Your Grillz



Even though there is a protective layer on the inside of your protective grill that prevents a ton of damage, you still want to be sure you’re taking steps to create a healthy environment for your mouth.

You’ve made an investment in your jewelry and we want to help you keep your grillz for as long as possible.

Check out our tips!



How To Clean


Cleaning your grillz is easy.

You can use warm water mixed with washing up liquid to clean your grillz. Using a soft brush make sure you clean them all around inside and outside and after rinse them with clean water.

Place them on a clean tissue to dry.

Floss regularly

Make sure you floss regularly at least one a day in the evening after removing your gold teeth.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is alway important

Use toothpaste

Grillz can also be cleaned with tooth paste but not the abrasive kind.

Gently brush them all around inside and outside, rinse them with clean water and let them dry on a tissue.

We recommend that you do this every day after use to keep your grillz clean.





Please make sure to keep your gold teeth nice and clean at all times as explained above to avoid gold tarnishing and bacteria build up.

Use a Gold Polishing cloth

Gold polishing cloths keep your grillz shining as new.

After you clean them rub the grillz dry with a cloth to keep the polish nice and fresh.


Jewelry Cleaners

Jewelry Cleaners are not recommended to be used on your gold grillz as its very toxic to the body when ingested.

Please dont use the solution on your grillz.



Daily Use

Please refrain from eating or sleeping with the grillz on.


We recommend that you don't eat with the grillz on as there removable and bacteria can get trapped in between the grillz and the teeth.

Also, eating with them on will not be 100% comfortable.


Smoking is not recommended at any time expecially when wearing the grillz.

The cigarette tar and any other smoking substance can affect the gold color over time.