Our Story


Here at EASE, we believe in offering unique pieces that create social opportunity. Our luxury pieces may feature a special meaning or include a special conversation starter through design. The brand is currently fully funded by its owner and founder who believes that the strongest people who have something to say are the quietest ones in the room who tend to express themselves through forms of art.



EASE was founded by our girl boss, Chriss.

The daughter of a singer-songwriter and multi-talented single mother, Zoe Jackson, Christina Rogers was born in Houston, TX on May 20, 1988. She was no stranger to the entrepreneur lifestyle since her mother included her and her sister, fellow entrepreneur Ciera Rogers, in most of her endeavors from studio sessions, live shows, fashion shows or community events. This made it easy to transition into the entrepreneurial world without knowing the intricacies it truly held.
In 2011, Chriss relocated from Houston, TX to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a career in songwriting, however, she quickly learned that it wasn’t her thing when she felt a strong sense of dislike during almost every studio session. From there, she decided to go back to a career of hospitality but quickly decided that she didn’t want to work for anyone else. After putting in her two weeks, she began an e-commerce business that would then go on for 8 years.
In 2020, the pandemic took the world by storm and caused another pivotal moment in Rogers’ career. She abruptly closed her e-commerce clothing business and decided to indulge in a career that had a deeper meaning to her.
In 2021, she invented The Protective Mouth Grill, a new take on traditional mouth grillz and also a glorified retainer. This cutting-edge accessory was invented to safeguard the users teeth against the harsh elements of metal exposure while also creating options for those who are coming out of braces or a straightening process who are looking for a decorated retainer.
In June 2023, Rogers released the USPTO Patent Pending Protective Mouth Grill to the world and has worked to trailblaze her new invention into the dental world.
Her main goal in life is to make a change somehow in this very big world, whether it’s by offering a smile to a stranger or inspiring the masses.