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1 Solid/1 Iced/1 Semi Open Combo with Protective Layer Added

1 Solid/1 Iced/1 Semi Open Combo with Protective Layer Added

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Inspo Grillz are grillz that we were inspired by online. Please view this image as inspiration for your grill but keep in mind that everyone has different teeth and it will not look exactly like this on your teeth :)


When you place an order, we will send you a Do-It-Yourself Dental Impression Kit.

Per order, the kit will contain a step-by-step guide with detailed instructions and tips on how to properly make a dental impression, the materials to make ONE (1) dental impression and ONE (1) return label.

Dental Impression Materials Include:

1 Dental Impression Tray

1 Dental Impression Putty Set (1 Catalyst/1 Base)

Once we receive your finished dental impression, we will custom make your protective mouth grill and send you back the finished product. Please allow about two weeks.

Our protective mouth grill features a custom-made grill made from high-quality materials including a thin & durable protective layer internally that acts as a barrier between your teeth and potentially harmful metals. The grill's unique design ensures optimal coverage, shielding your teeth from direct contact with metal surfaces.

This protective layer is bonded to the inside of the grill and is not meant to be detachable.

Easy to use and maintain, the Protective Mouth Grill is designed for everyday wear. It conveniently pops into place and can be easily removed for cleaning or when not in use.

Now you are able to enjoy your grillz with ease.

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